A Visual Update! Yay!

Well for the last few days I have been trying to learn how to get a character from 3DS Max into Unreal tournament 3 as a playable character. The pipeline was a little bit different than what I was used too (with the whole segmented mesh thing) but I finally worked out the kinks and got him into the game.

I used an old test character that I had laying around as a mesh.

The most surprising thing about the whole process was finding out that alpha masking does NOT work in the game. It works fine in the character selection screen but not in the actual game play level. This is valuable knowledge, as we now know to model in a lot of the things we would usually leave to alphas, like this characters strings and belt ties. This will also effect our concept a little, as we cant be so liberal with certain materials (mesh, tattered clothes) as we have been spoiled with in the past.

Gosh Alpha sorting is ALWAYS a bane for us!

More images can been seen here: My UE3 stuff

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  1. awesome progress, here i can place a "WHOA!" sign :D