Some more testing of Character Meshes

Well I made some mock up Argenti to test their deformation abilities when I rig them to the UE3 supplied skeleton. Didn't go too well, but its nice to get to test it out anyway.

We shall see if I can pursue them to a final character. I will need to do a lot of tweaking to make them fit the skeleton properly, and I don't know if they will retain their look and shape well if I did do that.


Our first level mock up :)

Well here is our first level mock up for skulk 'n' daggers.
Right now it's just a test to see if we can get some basic systems in place without code. Though I dont know much about kismit or mutators I managed to get it so that you need to push the golden egg treasure from the top, to the bottom panels and get a reward.

Right now the reward in in the form of powerful weapons, but I'm hoping to make it add a point to your score. I fear a lot more coding is in order to make that happen though!


Argenti Thumbs

I established a sort of base pose / physique for the Argenti and made a block man, then started working on some silhouettes over the top just to try find some pleasing shapes.

I want to convey teh fact that these guys wouldnt manufacture there armour, at best they would grab animal parts theyve found, and bind bits and pieces together to form armour. All natural stuff!
Im going to pick off a few parts that I really like, and then start massaging them into 5 character shapes that are a bit more than mere silhouettes!

Tally ho!


A Visual Update! Yay!

Well for the last few days I have been trying to learn how to get a character from 3DS Max into Unreal tournament 3 as a playable character. The pipeline was a little bit different than what I was used too (with the whole segmented mesh thing) but I finally worked out the kinks and got him into the game.

I used an old test character that I had laying around as a mesh.

The most surprising thing about the whole process was finding out that alpha masking does NOT work in the game. It works fine in the character selection screen but not in the actual game play level. This is valuable knowledge, as we now know to model in a lot of the things we would usually leave to alphas, like this characters strings and belt ties. This will also effect our concept a little, as we cant be so liberal with certain materials (mesh, tattered clothes) as we have been spoiled with in the past.

Gosh Alpha sorting is ALWAYS a bane for us!

More images can been seen here: My UE3 stuff


We Need Help!

Hey Everyone,

The forums up, the Blog is up and the website is slowly taking shape!

We need some help with concept art, so please if you feel like contributing in some way, head on over to the forums and sign up! And check out the list of stuff todo as well as check out a few of the documents that have been written up to give you a better idea of what Skulk N Daggers is all about!

Tally ho!


Forum is Alive! Aliiive!

Finally after two long weeks, our Skulk 'n' Daggers official forum is up and ready to receive your posts!

The forum has a few exciting categories, including: a Developer Documentation section, where we will be posting all our Design PDF documents there for you all to read, and an Images, Art, Video & Sound section, to show off any and all media to do with Skulk 'n' Daggers!

The main purpose of the forum is to show our process and receive feedback, comments and critiques from you. It also allows us to answer any question and queries, and just communicate with the community a lot easier.

Of course the blog will be updated with all the new informative posts and information so don't worry about feeling left out!

So head on over and have a look!


Milestone 1 Complete!

Its been an awesome first month of the project, heres a checklist of the completed things this month.

Milestone 1
  • Establish Blog.
  • Establish background documents for playable races/classes.
  • Establish gameplay 'essence' document.
  • Create character sheets with blurb for artists to create concept art.
  • Establish initial website layout.
  • Establish forum.
We got everything done, but STILL having problems with our web host GOD!! hopefully we should be all good to go TODAY and the forum will be up.

So what does this mean ?

Well, it means NEARLY all the document writing and admin stuff is complete, so our foundation should be rock solid going forward - were almost at the fun part which to be honest is what we enjoy the most to do which is make art stuff!

Heres the target for May!

Milestone 2
  • Develop skillset outline for playable characters.
  • Define simple mutators for playable characters.
  • Concept sheet for Argenti male and female complete.
  • Unreal Engine 3 setup on both our machines.
  • Character pipeline established and dummy character complete & playable in UT3.
  • Visual theme for blog, website and forum established and completed.
  • Logo for Skulk n Daggers complete.
Tally ho for the new month! And heres hoping weel have the forum up and online in a couple of hours! *prays to the mySQL gods*