Milestone 1 Complete!

Its been an awesome first month of the project, heres a checklist of the completed things this month.

Milestone 1
  • Establish Blog.
  • Establish background documents for playable races/classes.
  • Establish gameplay 'essence' document.
  • Create character sheets with blurb for artists to create concept art.
  • Establish initial website layout.
  • Establish forum.
We got everything done, but STILL having problems with our web host GOD!! hopefully we should be all good to go TODAY and the forum will be up.

So what does this mean ?

Well, it means NEARLY all the document writing and admin stuff is complete, so our foundation should be rock solid going forward - were almost at the fun part which to be honest is what we enjoy the most to do which is make art stuff!

Heres the target for May!

Milestone 2
  • Develop skillset outline for playable characters.
  • Define simple mutators for playable characters.
  • Concept sheet for Argenti male and female complete.
  • Unreal Engine 3 setup on both our machines.
  • Character pipeline established and dummy character complete & playable in UT3.
  • Visual theme for blog, website and forum established and completed.
  • Logo for Skulk n Daggers complete.
Tally ho for the new month! And heres hoping weel have the forum up and online in a couple of hours! *prays to the mySQL gods*

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