14th April:

Over the last two weeks we have brainstormed ideas / directions and narrowed those down to just one. Skulk N Daggers!

From those many discussions, we have put together a basic summary PDF for the projects foundation and overall design direction, we will be using this as a central reference point for everything arty that we create.

We like to think of it as a measuring stick, so anything we create we go back, read the document, try to immerse ourselves in what we imagine the project to be, and then see if what we are making, fits. If not - were on the wrong track!

I'm working on some reference sheets for the one of the playable classes, and then an accompanying character description doc which will be used to provide a general direction for that particular class, a helpful starting point for a concept artist!

All concept art and characters used in the reference sheets are for inspiration only, we did not create nor do we own the art, merely use them for inspiration when creating our own characters.

Heres where the Heavy character reference sheet is at currently:

Steph's working on prettying up this blog, and figuring out the setup of the forum, which is a tough job, so how this place looks and feels will be mostly her domain!

We will make all images and documents available as soon as we get the forum up and running!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. I'm here to help if you want enviro concepts.