Playable Characters!

Tuesday 21st April:

We've now brainstormed general ideas and shaped those into 3 playable races:

Argenti: A race of Giants, with a primordial urge for shiny things!
Trismagista: A race of humanoids that have devoted their lives to communicating with matter!
Cirrus Dei: A race of small folk with a penchant for inventions and contraptions!

Will now move on to making up a character reference sheet for the other 2 races and again post everything up for reading / viewing on the forum.

We hope to flesh each of these races out visually and present the development process for all to witness!

The forum will most likely be very rudimentary to begin with, something that works - though we definately plan on shaping it into something that fits with the Skulk N Daggers theme!

Stay Tuned!

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