Mood Pieces Ahoy!!

17th April:

Have been hard at work writing, and blocking out the main backgrounds for the inhabitants. Have written up a background story for the heavy class characters and about to begin work on the other 2 classes.

This blog is still undergoing some visual changes and adjustments, but will hopefully take some good solid shape in the near future!

We have a got a forum up and running, but are just waiting to hear back from our ISP for some technical issues weve run into with hosting! - Ah the joys of wanting to get something done PRONTO!

Meanwhile, the kind Dr. Chee Ming Wong has already begun to start crafting out some mood pieces to start building up the essence and sensation that we will be trying to establish here. Its truly an honor to have him donate his help to the project!

Heres the first piece, a Giant under siege, has stumbled into the den of some bluborous dungeon keeper who orders some of his henchmen to attack! Enjoy!!

I urge you to check out Chee's work he's nuts! His Blog and his Studios Website!

Stay Tuned for more updates !

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